Terminator Genisys: Endoskeleton 1:4 Scale Statue


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Terminator Genisys: Endoskeleton 1:4 Scale Statue

“I’ll be back.”

In 2029, the future war against the machines breaks out in terrifying and gruesome battles. In an attempt to gain a permanent upper hand, Skynet develops cutting-edge technology – time travel – in order to send soldiers back to the past to fight the battle before it begins. We all know the story from the previous Terminator films.

Terminator Genisys tells a different story. Once Skynet has accomplished time travel, the resistance retaliates to try to fight the future war in the past as well. They send Kyle Reese back in time to help Sarah Connor overcome the terminators in her time. When he gets to the past he is shocked to find the past has been changed by the future. Sarah Connor is not alone.

Chronicle Collectibles is pleased to announce the Terminator Genisys Quarter Scale Endoskeleton. This piece shows off the full body of the unique Terminator Genisys design by Legacy Effects. To ensure accuracy and detail, this piece was grown directly from the original, digital files and painted using the chrome paint technique created by Legacy for all of the Endoskeletons in the film.

This piece is pre-posed in a walking stance with the large Endorifle from the film. It is set on an urban base and it is fully balanced without any support rod. This is a great addition to any collection. The yes contain LED lights.

We will only be releasing 500 of the these ¼ scale statues worldwide.

Product Details
Dimensions: 22” tall (with base) x 16” deep x 9” wide
Manufacturer/Distributor: ToyQube/Toynami
Licensor: Terminator Genisys & 2015 Skydance Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Product weight: 5448 gram(s)
Product size: 400 mm x 230 mm x 560 mm (LxWxH)