Sagittarius Aiolos HQS by TSUME


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Limited edition, only 2500 pieces

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Limited edition, only 2500 pieces. Available spring 2018.

The TSUME team is proud to introduce you its latest statue of the series Saint Seiya, Aiolos HQS by TSUME

The older brother of Aiolia, late Gold Saint of the Sagittarius, is spreading his wings and drawing his bow.
You can read in his eyes all the determination of the most loyal guardian of Athena as he is getting ready to shoot the golden arrow of Justice

A specific care went into the innovating painting of the armor which intensifies the reflections of the golden armor in a way never seen before.

Aiolos HQS by TSUME marks a new step in the collection of the HQS of Saint Seiya.

The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of autenticity.