Saint Seiya Aquarius Camus By Tsume


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Saint Seiya
Aquarius Camus
By Tsume
Saint Seiya
Aquarius Camus
By Tsume


Artistic direction
Cyril Marchiol, Saesa Kiyokawa, Jon Gonzalez Arroyo
Concept art
Marijke Wilms
Technical engineering
Jose Ku Chio Lu
3D sculptors
Carlos Cruz, Olivier Sam, Eliott Lemaire, Patrick Tran, Muhammet Ay
Figurine preparators
Aude Pastor, Aurélie Nagot, Tom Fargnier, Guillaume Hemery
Micka Gros, Eric Jolivalt
H: 46cm ; W: 43 cm ; D:55 cm
Resin, PVC, Magnets

« What is absolute zero? Tell me! » 

-Camus to Hyoga.

After Deathmask, a new Athena’s Saint rises to strengthen Tsume’s Saint Seiya’s collection. Part of the 12 Gold Saints, and master of the absolute zero… give your iciest welcome to Aquarius Camus!

Cold and insensitive at first sight, his blue eyes as deep as the ocean, his icy gaze and his determined expression only confirm this first impression: he perfectly masters the absolute zero emotion. Like a raging sea in the middle of the storm, his long turquoise hair with luminous reflections, as well as his cape, flutter and fly away as the violent winter wind, released during its icy attack, blows. Camus wears his gold cloth, carefully varnished by our painters: this one reveals the upper part of his bare arms, while the center of his helmet is ornamented with a sea-green jewel.

We observe here the Gold Saint as he’s carrying out his most terrible attack: the Aurora Execution, a phenomenal energy wave able to approach the closest to absolute zero, or -273.15°C. Camus concentrates his cosmos to the maximum, legs apart, his hands and arms forming an amphora. We see the immense spectral figure of Aquarius rising up behind him. Made in translucent resin, this woman with fine features and long hair, wearing a draped dress and bracelets, displays monochrome tones. Overlooking the Aquarius Saint, she particularly highlights the brightness and warmth of his outfit’s colours. This spiritual appearance in white and light blue, seems to protect and support the ultimate attack of Camus. Kneeling behind him, she carries with both hands a jar with metallic highlights, filled with a golden liquid that she is about to pour. The imposing clear resin ice peaks rising from the frozen ground only confirm that cold reality: no matter can withstand the sinister caress of this icy kiss ...

The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity.        

Scale 1/6 Total run of 2500 pieces.          

Estimated release date: 1st half of 2021